Kumamoto Ninja Restaurant

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My Ninja pose. I think i'm Naruto!
Let me start of by saying this experience was one of a kind… strange in some way but different. The whole restaurant was based on a ninja theme as you can guess by the name of the restaurant, all foods and drinks had ninja themed names. The decoration of the restaurant was mesmerising with ninja weapons plugged around the restaurant. Each set of guests got their own private booth, so the atmosphere was relaxed and also entertaining . It was so funny when the waiters came in to take my order! They were speaking like ninjas haha it was strange but entertaining at the same time. When the food came and I tasted it all I could say was Oh My God! It was oishiiiiii which means tasty in Japanese. Even the salad was amazing, normally the salads I eat are bland in taste but it is safe to say that the salad I had at the ninja restaurant was the best salad I have ever had in my life and I enjoyed it a great deal! Or did I just enjoy the atmosphere …. any way trust me it was good. We ordered a lot of food and I cant remember the names of all the foods! sorry! But it included fish of course with salad, rice, egg and prawns. They just sounds like ingredients but believe me it was great tasting. I have come to realise that Japanese food is one of the best I have eaten and most likely the healthiest. The cost of the whole experience was about 4000 or 5000 yen for two people which is about £40.00 …. seems a bit pricey but remember you’re not only paying for the great food but the experience. Well that was my experience briefly, let me end by telling you if you have the chance to visit the restaurant and have the money then go and relax there one evening. Small experiences like this develop you as a person so you should develop your self and have a good time in the process.
Ninja Chop sticks
shurkin bread
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Yea i'm so bad ass haha.

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