Hokkaido - Historical Village of Hokkaido - Kaitaku No Mura

If you love Japanese history, curious about how they live in the past, this is the place is a must to visit. Why? It is a real village, with roads, houses, shops, even a "horse riding car".
The village has four different sections made up of city buildings, fishing village, mountain village, and farming village. I went there during summer time, so it could be more beautiful if we go during winter time, all the roof covered with snow!
One of the building
This is the real room size inside Japanese living house. (but the women in the picture is not, ok) Perhaps preparing dinner and waiting for her husband
Living room, we cannot step inside but we can walk at the corridor and taking photo
Bed room, love the Tatami smell.

One of the reason I love this place is because this place is not crowded. It looks to be not much people knowing this place of interest. And this could be the point that I love to travel this kind of silent and historical place.
2 Japanese business man
Really love this place, looks to be a backyard of Japanese house

Old style shot lot, selling food
Again, I have no idea what it is, lol
come come do you want to buy anything?
The time where they don't have pipe
Most of the things, I not sure what it is, I just want to play around
Am I look like totally not match with the background?
Selling clothes?
Preparing clothes for sale
Weighing machine
Yes you can ride this!!!
Cool isn't it?
Feel like a move scene place
Barber shop
This looks like, police station?
The man in the previous picture, alive~~~
This is the way they print the news paper, word by word.
I only manage to keep standing for 2 sec. After that I....

As overall, less than 1000 yen for this experience is totally worth it! My favorite site in Sapporo!
Address | Atsubetsu-cho Konopporo 50-1, Atsubetsu-ku, Sapporo

Open | May - September: 9:00 - 17:00; Open everyday
October - April: 9:00 - 16:30; Closed on Monday
*Last admission 30 minutes before closing.
Closed | Year-end through New Year holidays
Fee | Adults ¥800, Students ¥600
*Free admission for Junior High School Students or younger
Parking | Free
Telephone | 011-898-2692
Website | http://www.kaitaku.or.jp/info/info.htm

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