Osaka's Kaiyukan

My kids and I go here a lot, so it is something I definitely recommend to visitors!
Osaka`s aquarium (one of the largest in the world) is located near the ocean, in the port area of Tempozan. They have a good English website, so please check it out here.
As stated on the website, it is easy to access, about 5 minutes on foot from the local station Osakako. It is on the Chuo subway line which runs from east to west through the middle of the city. The physical address is 1-1-10 Kaigandori, Minato-ku, 552-0022 Osaka, (or 〒552-0022 大阪府大阪市港区海岸通1-1-10 in Japanese) if you want to put it into your navigation system.

The aquarium, named Kaiyukan (海遊館) is great for all ages and has hands-on exhibits as well as traditional glass tanks. There is a huge variety of fish and sea animals, but there is no live show or performance here (good news for some people?).
One of the most popular animals is the jinbei-zame (the whale shark) because of its enormous size, and it is one of my favorites too!
The exhibits are divided up by geographical area, and feature fish/animals from around the world.

Most days the aquarium is open from 10:00am until 8:00pm, and there are few/no public holidays. The prices of admission are...
2,300yen for people over the age of 16
1,200yen for children in elementary school and older (7-15 years)
600yen for kids aged 4-6 (until elementary school)
2,000yen for seniors (aged 60years and over)
*Group tickets are available for parties of 15 or more people
If you plan to visit the aquarium often, there are also annual passes (annual passports) which are very reasonably priced (the cost is covered after only 2 visits...
5,000yen for people over the age of 16
2,000yen for children in elementary school and older (7-15 years)
1,000yen for kids aged 4-6 (until elementary school)
It is possible to spend hours in the aquarium, but if you do get through it quickly, there are lots of other things to do around the Tempozan area. It has been well developed in recent years and is also home to:
* LEGOLAND : English website here
* The Tempozan ferris wheel : Japanese information here
* A mall with lots of souvenir shops and restaurants : Japanese information here
* The Santa Maria cruise : English information here
* A ferry shuttle between Tempozan and Universal City (home to Universal studios Japan) : Japanese information here
Package deals for some activities are available too,
Kaiyukan ticket + ferris wheel ticket = 3,000yen (save 100yen)
Kaiyukan ticket + Santa Maria 45minute cruise = 3,200yen (save 700yen)
Kaiyukan ticket + ferry to Universal city = price depends on a single/return ticket (save 100-300yen)
Other notes,
There are diaper changing and breastfeeding/nursing rooms on the 2F and 6F site. Diaper changing tables are provided in all female bathrooms.
It is possible to get around the aquarium with a stroller/pram, but larger models (like my Mountain buggy) could not fit through some areas, and I had to be escorted through the back. If possible, carry your baby/toddler in a carrier or bring a small foldable stroller when you visit. Strollers are NOT available to rent.
Wheelchairs are also permitted, but please visit the information counter on the 2F to get more information about access. Wheelchairs are also available to rent.
There are portable audio guides available to rent for 500yen inside the aquarium. These guides give English information about the exhibits.
Have a great day out!
Fran xx

Fran Japani