Abandoned Amusement Parks in Japan - so creepy they're cool?

Amusement parks are usually filled with lots of bright colors, music, and joy. The laughter of kids, and the smells of festival-type foods all bring out those good feelings - it's no wonder places like Disneyland end up getting the title of "the happiest place on Earth".
What happens though when amusement parks are no longer profitable? There's one particular case that I had read about - Nara Dreamland - which saw a big theme park end up becoming a desolate lot (it has now apparently been demolished entirely). When Universal Studios opened up in Osaka (which was only about 40 kilometers away) it just saw Nara Dreamland not getting the same amount of customers through the gates, and over time that lost revenue meant it wasn't profitable anymore to run.
There were a lot of people that would head to Nara Dreamland to check out the area, there's actually a good link here from the Telegraph Newspaper in the UK with some pictures of the abandoned park.
It seems like people across the globe aren't just fascinated by abandoned theme parks, but all manner of abandoned buildings. There are Instagram accounts such as It's Abandoned and Abandoned Places where people submit pictures of these abandoned locations from around the world.
The reason my curiosity developed about abandoned amusement parks was after my husband and I stumbled across one on a road trip through Fukui prefecture. There were no signs about trespassing, nor were there any gates or barriers to prevent entry - so we went in and had a quick look around.
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It didn't help at all that it was a dreary, overcast day when we drove by this place - it just added to the scary vibes! I hightailed it out of there pretty fast after snapping a few pictures.
What do you think about abandoned places? Are there any abandoned theme parks in your part of the world? 

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