Hokkaido - Otaru [Taste the 7 layer ice cream!]

Otaru can consider [If you have not been to Otaru, you have not been to Hokkaido]
The most special place to visit is the river, 4 different season, with 4 different view.
Before I talk into deep Otaru station, lets go to the wet market which is just left hand side of the Otaru Station Exit. Right after you exit from the Otaru station, you can see the wet market.
Otaru Station
Otaru Station
Love to buy their drinks from the automatic machine!
Take a meal before going to Otaru, right after you exit from Otaru station
What is so special at this wet market?
Here here!
Snow King Crab!!!
This is one of the main reason I am here...Hokkaido. The same crab from Tokyo or Osaka can cost you even more! the crab is cold, very cold. They live in a cold water condition. And not aggressive at all. But I was afraid~ haha
Looking for crab, the price is reasonable isn't it?
The crab and scallops is calling us~
Lot of crabs
Beside seafood, they are selling fresh fruit too
Lets pick one of the crab for quick meal
this is how the wet market looks like
This fish..is kinda ugly
Live and fresh seafood!
Beside ordering crabs, lets order some other sashimi!!
My fav salmon!
Fresh and fresh!
After a quick meal, then we can start to see the most popular of this place, Otaru River!
The scenery here is amazing!
Photo Photo!
One of the best view, taken from the bridge
Around the area, they are plenty of shops selling souvenir
This says "Little Romantic Shop"
Almost each of the shop has their own decoration of flowers
Love it!
oww..it is owl...
Fresh corn, really fresh
A picture that says thousand of words
7 layer ice cream
This 7 layer ice cream combine all the 7 different taste. During the summer it become shorter as the hot weather will melt the ice cream fast. If during the winter, they can make the ice cream even taller!
This is the shop selling 7 layer ice cream
Cheese cake, another snack is a must to try
Photo, when the camera man counting 1...2...3..I rang the bell ding dong~
Bought stamps, and post the postcard to myself
Ready to post!
And the bad news is...we didn't received our postcard :( It could be the address was not written in Japanese?
Street view
Cream puff, bought from the stall
Steam clock tower

Otaru Steam Clock Tower. This steam clock was a gift from Vancouver to Otaru and well-known as the symbol of the city in Otaru, Hokkaido, Japan. When the clock is point to sharp AM (for eg 3pm, 4pm) you can see the smoke appeared on top of the clock tower, with song!
nearer look of the steam clock tower
Do we look alike? nope..my eyes is open
closer look

As overall, Otaru is a really nice place to visit. I love it and love it. Love the food and place.
Otari has port too, wish one day I can take the cruise from somewhere else and drop by at Otaru!

CharZhai Charles