Orbi Osaka & the Redhorse OSAKA WHEEL

Most people might flock to Universal Studios when they come to Osaka, but there’s a new player in town called Orbi. Located in the popular LaLaport EXPOCITY shopping complex, Orbi Osaka offers more than just fun and games. Teaming up with Sega, Japan’s most prolific multinational arcade producer, and BBC Earth, Orbi combines cutting edge technology with groundbreaking nature content, and delivers a multisensory learning experience for both kids and adults alike.  With 13 different theaters, exhibitions range from the great blue ocean to mysterious deserts and amazon jungles. 
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You can feel the strong wind blow through your hair as you run with a herd of elephants, experience the drastic temperature change from 77F to 14F (or 25℃ to -10℃) in the mountains of Kenya, or get photoshopped into the arctic plains with a polar bear by your side. Orbi is an indoor educational theme park, where people of all ages can have fun and learn at the same time.
Another must-see attraction inside the LaLaport EXPOCITY complex is the Redhorse OSAKA WHEEL.  At a height of 123m, it is the tallest Ferris wheel in Japan, and the world’s 5th. It boasts all-transparent gondolas so you can get an eyeful of Osaka city as you enjoy a slow, relaxing 18-minute ride. There are also 2 exclusive VIP gondolas, where the seats and lights are upgraded for a more luxurious experience. The Redhorse OSAKA WHEEL is open from 10am-11pm, so visitors will be able to enjoy the city view from morning through sunset and the city lights, making it the perfect spot for awesome photographs as well. Tickets are only 1,000 yen per person, but keep reading for an exclusive Odigo discount, and get a great deal for the beautiful scenery you can enjoy from up here and the quiet privacy that normal observation decks lack. 

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Both Orbi Osaka and the Redhorse OSAKA WHEEL are in LaLaport EXPOCITY, one of Japan’s biggest large scale, mixed-use complexes. There are eight entertainment facilities in this area, including cinemas, museums, and more. Next time you make your way to Osaka, why not make a day trip to LaLaport EXPOCITY? Hop on the Ferris wheel, and take yourself on a wild ride through the awesome experiences Orbi has to offer!

What’s more, if you show this blog post at the ticket booth at Orbi Osaka, you can receive a major discount on a Special Combo Ticket! Check out the details below (Discount available from 2017/3/27): 
*Please note that special discount tickets are only available at the Orbi Osaka Ticket booth

Special Combo ticket

Orbi One-day Ticket  (You can enter and re-enter between 10:00-22:00.  Final entrance is at 19:00)

Ferris wheel One time ticket (Opening hours: 10:00-23:00)

¥3160 -> ¥1500

High school-University students
¥2728 -> ¥1300

Elementary-Middle School
¥2296 -> ¥1100

Under elementary school and older than 3 years old
¥1864 -> ¥900

Under 3 years old

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