5 places in Tokyo for 1 day

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9:00am- Sky Tree 
Tokyo Skytree is  famous for it's lights illumination in the evening. 
One of the illumination  patterns is Iki (chic-skyblue) and the 2nd one is Miyabi (elegance-purple).
Morning view is also great, you can see the Tokyo clearly from the observation deck. 
Inside skytree you can buy tickets  for the aquarium there. There are lots of shops, cafes and restaurants there.
They even have a "tourist guide area" just in case you are lost. Elevators and escalators are available in the area.
10:30am- Lunch at Asakusa
Take your lunch early, by 11:30am most of the food shops or restaurants are full. You can find a lot of restaurants along the way from the station to the Asakusa. Asakusa is a well known place for tourist, you might be shocked that the place is crowded compare to the other places. The reason why is because of the main attraction; Sensoji Temple and Asakusa Jinja (Sanja-sama). Sensoji is one of the famous Buddhist temple while Asakusa jinja is one of the famous shrines in Tokyo. 
What to do there ? 
Try Omikuji at the Temple (fortune telling), if its goodluck you can bring the paper with you and if not you need to tie it there. 
Buy omamori or lucky charm at the shrine.
1:00pm - Edo Museum
Want to learn more about Edo period and Tokugawa ? Then this is the place for you.
You will learn a lot of things within just 2 hours by reading all the info there, or you can get a free guide from the reception. 
The staffs are multilingual, they are happy to assist you and explain what happened during Edo period.
In my case, I am quite shocked to learn about the Edo lifestyle and how big is the serving of the sushi that time. 
3:00pm- Meiji Jingu 
The shrine is located inside the forest, also no worries you wont get lost since there are lots of people who go there.
This place is famous for shinto wedding ceremonies, if you are lucky you might see one. 
You can also purchase charms here but for me, you need to try "Ema" or wooding wishing tablet there. 
There are English translations there so no need to worry. 
3:45pm- Harajuku 
Harajuku is near Meiji Jingu's entrance, just across the street. 
This is a well known fashion street in Japan. You can see various fashions here; cosplay, lolita,gyaru,vkei,oshare-kei and etc. 
If you are not familiar with them then you might find the fashion  weird but these are very common in Japan. 
There are lot of shops here  so take your time to explore the place.
The suggested places are really near each other, you can just walk or if you prefer to take the train then you might finish this itinerary early. 

Joanne Wildheart