Dog Haven in a Cat-Loving Country

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With movies like The Cat Returns and a global cat mascot named Hello Kitty (Kitty-chan), it’s no surprise that Japan likes cats.
Aeon Mall
I’m not against cats and will happily play with any animal. But when it comes to pet-owning preferences, I’m team dog all the way.
Dog Hill interior
So, what’s a dog-lover living in the inaka (countryside) of Japan to do? Only major cities like Tokyo have animal cafés . And most likely these cafés will be feline orientated.
For any Kyushu traveler, don't worry. Dog Hill has your dog haven in a cat-loving country.
Dog Hill Entrance
Dog Hill is located between Kawatana and Sonogi in Nagasaki Prefecture. The dog café is owned by corgi breeders and their 40 corgis call this place their home.
All about that bass
For anyone worried about how an animal café can fit 40 dogs, be aware that the owners rotate their dogs around. I’ve been to the café about five times, each in a different season, and I’ve always seen a different group of dogs.
Original Sonogi Hamburger Set
Usually with animal cafés , the food quality takes a backseat but at Dog Hill the food is as good as the doggy company. My favorite is the hamburger and taco rice.
Dog Hill Taco Rice
Cake of the Day
Also for any dog owners, a dog cake can be reserved for your four-legged friend's birthday.
If you would like to visit Dog Hill, the easiest way is to ride the Omura Line (JR Kyushu) to Kawatana Station and then take a cab to Dog Hill. Just tell the cab driver "ドッグヒル (Dog Hill)" and they'll know where to go.
Corgi party
Be aware that it can get noisy and a little smelly with 10 dogs running around. Make sure you keep your belongings on a chair or table to avoid an accident. However if you're a dog owner, who's an ocean apart from their best friend, the atmosphere will be a nice reminder of home. 
Point card
For more information look at Dog Hill’s website
Address: 〒859-3812 Nagasaki-ken, Higashisonogi-gun, Higashisonogi-chō, 東彼杵町Konegotogo, 2303−1
〒859-3812 長崎県東彼杵郡東彼杵町小音琴郷2303-1
Phone: 0957-46-0256 

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