Poh-tay-toh Poh-tah-toh: Japanese Potato Chip Flavors

When walking through the snack aisle at your local grocery store, you've probably passed by rows upon rows of potato chips. Sometimes you may look at a bag and say, "Calamari flavor? That's wacky!" If you're the type to grab it and go, then you'll love the variety of flavors Japan has to offer.
When you go to any convenience store, i.e. Lawsons, 7/11, or Family Mart, head to the potato chip section. More often than not, you'll find typical flavors like plain, seaweed (one of my personal favorites), or pizza. Skip those ones and go for the kind that will tantalize and confuse your palate.
If you'd like to see my full reaction to each chip with questionable editing and quality commentary, feel free to check out the video I made here: Japanese Potato Chip Taste Test. Down below I'll list the chips I tried and a quick synopsis of each take on them.
Worth it? I think so.

1. 沖縄の塩わさビーフ (Okinawa Salted Wasabi Beef)
Found in Okinawa, this chip packs a wasabi punch and tastes kind of like beef soup cubes. 8/10 would eat again.
2. スモークサーモン&クリームチーズ (Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese)
Already a questionable combination, I'm not really sure what I was expecting for this flavor. But how could I have resisted a chip that advertised having a "rich and full-bodied flavor"? Fishy, cream-cheesy, overall a "meh" experience.
3. 黒みつきなこ (Black Honey Kinako)
The "black honey" is actually a refined sugar that is similar to molasses, but milder in flavor. "Kinako" is soybean powder. The two ingredients are usually used in Japanese sweet-making and are most popularly found accompanying Japanese "Water" Cake. The flavor was sweet like a mild maple syrup, and wasn't anything out of the ordinary other than being on a potato chip.
4. 燻りベーコン&コンソメ (Smoked Bacon and Consomme)
When コイケヤ (Koikeya - brand of potato chip) says "smoked" they mean smoked! If you crushed these chips into a fine crumb and used them to bread chicken, I'm sure it would taste like it came straight off a barbecue.
5. 牛乳 (Milk)
It's actually as it sounds. When I watched other reviews, some people really enjoyed the sorta-sweet-sorta-milk-like flavor. I for one do not enjoy anything overly milky, so these chips were a little- in professional culinary terms- icky to me.
6. スパイシータコス &アボカド (Spicy Taco and Avocado)
Technically not a potato chip, but a chip nonetheless! Spicy level- nothing on the radar. Avocado level- A whisper in the next room over. Nothing like refried-bean flavor on a corn chip!
Although these flavors were found in September 2015, the point is that even the most normal of foods can get a little crazy. So no matter what year it is, here's to hoping that there will be a limited edition flavor of some sort that you'll be lucky enough to find on your next vacation.

Kristin Lagman