Explore Another Tokyo - Kozushima

Getting tired of the cramped and packed situation of Tokyo City? But do you think going to Kyoto or Osaka or another big city is too mainstream already? Why don't we release our fatigue for a while to escape to the "another side of Tokyo"?
This time, I'd like to introduce you to Tokyo's Seven Islands, or Izu Shichito. This Seven Islands consist of:

  1. Oshima
  2. Toshima
  3. Niijima
  4. Kozushima
  5. Miyakejima
  6. Mikurajima 
  7. Hachijoujima
Even though there're several islands more, the most famous are the 7 Islands. And yes, amazingly it's still in Tokyo. My husband and I went to 5 of the islands. This time I will review the fourth island, Kozushima. There're a lot of historical ruins and temple. I'm so amazed when I see the sea. It's so blue and clear! The recommended things to do is snorkeling, diving, hiking, and fishing.
How to get there
If you're staying in Tokyo, the convenience way to reach there is by high-speed jet ferry, or plane, or by large passenger ship. But if you live in Yokohama or Shizuoka, you can go from Yokohama Port, Shimoda Port, or Kurihama Port. Atami Port access will be operated every summer.

A. High-speed jet ferry
From Tokyo Takeshiba Piers (Hamamatsucho Station 7 mins walk), it takes around 3.5 hours. Price depend on each season, usually, it's around 9.000Yen~15.000Yen (Summer is the most expensive obviously). You can check out about the fare and timetable in their website: http://www.tokaikisen.co.jp/

B. Plane
From Tokyo's Chofu Airport to Kozushima takes around 45 mins. One-way fare for adult is 15.300Yen or round-trip for 27.800Yen. You can check their website: https://www.central-air.co.jp/fare.html 

C. Large passenger ship
From Takeshiba Piers to Kozushima, it takes around 12 hours. 10pm departure ~10am arrival. Price depend on the season and which grade you want to take. Starting from 6100Yen~ and more expensive when it's summer. Website: http://www.tokaikisen.co.jp/

*How to buy the ticket:
You can buy directly on their counter (Takeshiba Pier or Chofu Airport) just before your departure. But be careful on high season (around July-August). Book first is recommended.

There's 2 camp sites which free of charge. Sawajiri and Nagahama camp site. You have to register beforehand on the information desk at the port. My husband and I chose the Sawajiri because it's more private and the beach & sunset view was so amazing.
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If you don't want to bother to build a tent, there are Minshuku (private home providing lodging for travelers), pension, ryokan, or hotels too. The price is variant, starting from 7.500Yen ~1x.xxxYen (usually include 1 or 2 meals).

There are island bus, taxi, rental car, and also rental cycle. For bus, the fare is 200yen for adult and 100 yen for child.

Although it's a remote island, there are shops that sell a lot of things too. From fishing equipment, surf shop, foods and drinks, and even diving shop.

Views and Activities
There is natural onsen too near Sawajiri Camp Site. This is the view
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IMG_1040.JPG 1.06 MB
IMG_1039.JPG 1.09 MB

And here is one of the snorkeling & diving spot.
IMG_1050.JPG 1007.71 KB
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Lastly, there is a Tokyo Passport book. You can collect stamp from each island to get points. And you can exhange the points for island's souvenir! 

Cindy Shinoda