Duffy & Friends New Mascot: Stella Lou

Twitter announced earlier today of a new release of a new Duffy friend named Stella Lou and oh my goodness isn't she cute.  On Tokyo Disney's webpage Stella is described as a lavender ballerina bunny made from dreams and clouds.  Haha okay, I may have made up that last part up but look at her!  She indeed does look like she's made of a fluffy, possibly edible purple cloud.  Disney's official "Together with Duffy" account called our new fuzzy friend Stella Ru, but then used the hashtag Stella Lou, needless to say I'm a bit confused which spelling I should use, but I think I'll stick with Lou. 
Even Duffy is freaking out

It comes as no surprise that another Duffy friend character would be released, especially with Disney's Easter season looming on the horizon.  Only just a short while ago the popular Gelatoni Cat was released and although it looks a bit derpy, many fans included a lot of my students ended up buying as many goods as they could get their hands on.  Speaking of goods, get a load of how adorable Stella's plush is! 
The costume set is actually quite reasonable compared to most of the costumes sold at Disney Sea
The plush doll I would assume would probably be the same size as the standard Duffy bear and will be released for purchase on March 30th.  A little later on, more goods will be released for Easter from April 10th.
That pen though... :D
The lavender colors go great for the start of spring
Assorted cookies anyone?

I absolutely love this ballerina bunny.  Props to Disney for making yet another character that I need to throw my money at.  As for if this character is purely seasonal...I'm not quite sure.  Releasing Stella right before Easter could have just been a smart move on Disney's part but I have high hopes Stella Lou will stay within the ranks of Duffy's friends for the long haul even after Easter is over.  I am so looking forward to all the seasonal goods that Stella will be paired with especially for Christmas and Halloween.
Dreamy and magical

Check out Stella on Disney's official website here for more information on goods as well as some limited Stella Lou menu items! All pictures and goods belong to Disney.
Thanks for reading! 

Michele Tanabe