Seasonal Easter Treats - Pocky & Kit Kat Custard Pudding Flavor

If you're visiting Japan over the Easter period (or to see the cherry blossoms - in which case, good timing for a visit!) then you're in luck - there are a number of Easter treats that have hit the shelves in line with this time of the year. There were other fun goodies at my local supermarket too, but I stuck to the two "key" Japanese treats that my family and friends seem to adore as food gifts - Pocky and Kit Kats! If you have people in your life that love fun, unique and seasonal snack foods as presents when you travel, these could be perfect souvenirs for them.
The Kit Kats came in a fun sized bag with 12 individually wrapped servings for only ¥297 including tax. 
IMG_8067.JPG 2.68 MB

The pocky were ¥321 yen including tax. Both were found at my local Aeon Supermarket (Aeon are a nation wide chain of supermarkets/malls).
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Since these are larger sized products rather than individual type servings, I've only seen them at supermarkets as opposed to convenience stores - so if you're trying to hunt them down, you'll probably need to find a supermarket to get them from. 
Both the Pocky and the Kit Kats are a custard pudding flavor. For whatever reason, custard pudding seems to be associated with Easter treats here. There were other things on sale apart from the Kit Kats and Pocky which also seemed to take the custard pudding theme! I bought some packets to send to family and friends but didn't get any for myself - and now I am regretting that a bit, since they look so cute and sound like they would taste really good, too.
Easter in Japan is celebrated more as a function of the arrival of Springtime rather than a religious celebration - but it's still a good excuse to enjoy these limited edition confectionaries! They're usually only on shelves for around a month or thereabouts, so get them while you can!

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