Natto!? Eating Bacterias !

Eating Bacterias from Natto is GOOD FOR YOU !

Natto is in fact Fermented soy bean, the fact that it is fermented it is not what's makes it weird, we in France eat cheese which is pretty fermented.
Natto has a pretty sensational odour, I might say, it has a smell of ammonia, an odour that I hate particularly.
But Natto is amazing because of its Bacterias, called "Bacillus Subtilis", Natto is made thanks to this bacteria. Once the Soy bean had fermented we place the beans in contact of "Bacillus Subtilis", the bacterias are pulverized on the fermented soy beans. The sticky texture is due to those amazing bacterias, in fact during the fermentation there is a formation of N polymers (polyglutamic acids). The filaments of the natto are used in the biodegradable plastic film industry, which is i think super COOL !
Natto #1

The Natto is amazing for your health

For those who think that bacterias are "ewww", well they are really good for your intestinal flora, there is also the enzyme called "nattokinase" which is good for the body, the vitamins K2 produced by the bacteria prevents you from vascular calcification, so it's good for blood circulation... for all this reasons it is recommended to eat Natto. 

Preparation : 

Put the Natto in a bowl,
Add soy sauce, a little mustard and minced leek.
Mix vigorously...
And savor it ! ;)

My video on Natto (It's in French)
Pour une version française des explications, n'hésitez pas à aller voir la vidéo : Natto 

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