The crazy tale of Mt Kachi-Kachi in Kawaguchiko

We wanted to have a great view of the Mount Fuji on March. As the stations on the Mount Fuji only open at the end of April we could not wait and so we went on a 1 day trip to Kawaguchiko :)

Our itinerary :

We were staying in Tokyo, near the station Okubo.
We took a bus from Shinjuku station : Express Railway Bus
About 2 hours ride / Bus fees : 1 750 JPY 
When you are at Kawaguchiko station just walk about 10 minutes to the first lake, and on the right of the lake you will see the Mt Kachi-Kachi Ropeway. 
The Ropeway fees : 450 JPY for a one way & 800 JPY for a round trip

There the tale starts...

Meet the Tanuki and the Rabbit of Mt Kachi-Kachi

When you arrive at the top of Mt Kachi-Kachi you will see numerous statues of a Tanuki getting bullied by a rabbit. 
So we were questioning ourselves, why would that rabbit bully that much the poor Tanuki, we Googled it and found a pretty crazy but funny story ! That we want to share with you :)

The trouble-making Tanuki

A long time ago, a man caught a troublesome Tanuki in his fields, he decided to tie it to a tree in purpose to kill and cook it later. When the man left for town, the Tanuki was crying and begging the man's wife who was making mochi, to set him free, in exchange he promised that he helped her finish her mochis. The wife finally decided to free the Tanuki, but instead of helping her he only turned on her and killed her. (SHOCKING ISN'T IT ? Not as cute as the GHIBLI POMPOKO'S  story ha?) The Tanuki then planned a horrible trick.

Using its shapeshifting abilities, the Tanuki disguised itself as the wife and cooked a soup, using the dead woman's flesh. (Yeah it was a horrible Tanuki...) When the farmer came back, the Tanuki served him the soup. After the meal, the Tanuki reverted to its original appearance and revealed its true form and what he did to his wife before running off, leaving the poor man in shock and in grief.
The couple were friends with a rabbit. And as a good friend the rabbit promised the man that it would avenge his wife's death. So the rabbit started to play tricks to the Tanuki, from dropping a bee's nest on it to...
Setting a fire to the Tanuki's heavy load of kindling...

After setting a fire to the Tanuki's load of kindling, the Tanuki did not notice it immediately and when the crackling sound reached its ears and it asked the rabbit what the sound was. "It is Kachi-Kachi Yama" the rabbit replied. The fire reached the Tanuki's back, burning it badly, but did not killed it.

The famous "Boat of mud"...

The tanuki challenged the rabbit to a life or death contest to prove who was the better creature. They were each to build a boat and race across a lake. The rabbit carved its boat out of a fallen tree trunk, but the foolish tanuki made a boat of mud.
The tanuki's mud boat began dissolving in the middle of the lake. As the tanuki was failing in its struggle to stay afloat, the rabbit proclaimed its friendship with the human couple, and that this was the tanuki's punishment for its horrible deeds. And that is how the Tanuki died, drowning. 
That is why now you can find this tale in japanese culture, they have an expression which says "Our trains aren't made of mud" for example.

The view of the Mount Fuji :

We only bought a one way ticket to take the Ropeway (450 JPY), because then on the top you cant get down by foot, prepare good shoes, even if it only takes 40 minutes.
By getting down by foot, you will arrive at a superb point of view of the Mount Fuji and plus you will avoid the crowd of lazy tourists. ;)
Fujisan #1
Fujisan#2 in a not that well shaped heart :)

Lilly & Dr Nozman

Dr Nozman & Lilly