Love a cheap deal?

If you love a bargain and you're into museums and zoos, the Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture are running a pretty great deal that starts on April 1st (it's not an April Fools joke, I promise!)
They have released what they call a "Grutto Pass" (you can get details about it here) but ultimately for the price of 2000 yen you get either completely free or discounted one time admission to a number of different attractions. It's valid for two months from the date of the pass first being used, so if you're traveling in the Tokyo area and would like to save some cash while you're here it could be very worthwhile. There are 80 different places on the list, so there's something to cater to just about anyone's interest, I think!
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Some of the attractions that are completely free to get into with the purchase of the pass are Ueno, Tama and Inokashira Park Zoos, the Tokyo Metropolitan Edo-Tokyo Museum, The Tokyo Sea Life Park, the Jindai Botanical Gardens - the list goes on.
If you're wanting to purchase one of the passes, you can obtain them from the following locations listed on their website:
  • Tokyo Tourist Information Center (1st floor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building) 
  • LIBRO Shiodome SIO-SITE, LIBRO Chofu 
  • PARCO Book Center Kichijoji 
  • Ueno Park Information
  • Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center
  • TIC TOKYO (Nihonbashi Exit of Tokyo Station) 
  • Tokyo Chuo City Tourist Information Center

If you look at the full admission costs to get into these places, you'll see that it really is a good deal. The Tokyo Sea Life Park is normally 700 yen for adult admission, Ueno and Tama Zoos are 600 yen admission each, the Inokashira Park Zoo is 400 yen admission - so even if you only went to those few places, you've already broken that 2000 yen barrier that you paid for the pass in the first place!
(Inokashira Park is also an amazing spot to view the sakura trees - so it's worth a trip just for that!)
We like to visit museums and zoos when we can as a family, so purchasing these is going to make for some great savings for us - and not to mention give us a lot of good ideas of places to visit!

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