Tokyo's Best Coffee?

Growing up in Melbourne, Australia, seems to mean that good coffee and cute cafes are something that I automatically want to seek out when I'm in a new place. A real café culture is present in my home city - coffee is something Melburnians take pride in - so you can bet I was pretty excited when I learned that there was a coffee shop in Shimokitazawa called Frankie Melbourne Espresso. The store sells not only coffee, tea and cold pressed juices, but some traditional Aussie baked goods!
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If you've never had a lamington you ought to try one if you pop in, they're a real Australian icon when it comes to desserts. Sponge cake layers, coated in chocolate and dusted with dessicated coconut - delicious, and they're home made, too!
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My personal favorite though (and something I would go back for again and again) are their lemon slices. A lemon slice is another treat which is common in the land down under, made with sweet biscuits that have been crushed (similar to what you would use for a cheesecake base), sweetened condensed milk, coconut and lemon - and then iced with a lemon icing. They're just the right amount of sweet yet zingy to hit those sugar cravings! They taste just like what I would get at a café back in a Melbourne laneway!
They also have other sweets that are available too, it just depends on the day and what they're making. Lamingtons and Lemon Slice seem to be staples on their menu, though.
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If you're in the area and looking for a good coffee and something sweet to snack on, I have to recommend them to you! The shop is small (10 seats or thereabouts) and does get busy but they do offer their items to-go.
You can find Frankie Melbourne Coffee at 2 Chome-12-15 Kitazawa, Setagaya, Tokyo. They're only around a one minute walk away from the Shimokitazawa Station's south exit. Opening hours and more details are on their website.
All picture credits are from the Frankie Facebook Page which you can reach over here.

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