Coastal Cafe Vibes in Shimoda

One of my favorite spots to visit in Japan is Shimoda, on the Izu Peninsula. I love the beaches, I love the entire atmosphere - and finding an awesome relaxed café just adds to the list of reasons that I want to keep returning to the area again and again!
South Café is located about a 15 minute drive from the popular Shirahama Beach, and personally I think it was well worth the short trip from the beach out there.
Their menu itself has a bit of everything on it - which is good if you're not quite sure what you feel like after a busy morning of swimming and enjoying the surf! They have things like salads topped with fried chicken or fried fish for extra staying power, burgers, enchiladas, veggie sandwiches, pizza, pasta, curry - the list goes on. As for drinks, they have killer smoothies (the one I had below was delicious, and the presentation couldn't have been cuter!) and they also have a range of alcoholic beverages if that takes your fancy - mojitos seemed to be popular on their menu!
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The exterior of the cafe feels relaxed too, in that unassuming chill way. We got there early, right as they were opening basically - but as we were leaving the cafe was virtually full. It seems to be a popular spot with visitors from out of town and locals alike, so be prepared to possibly have a short wait for a table - especially if it's peak season or a weekend.
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The entire Shimoda area to me is worth visiting, not just for the cafe - but that just makes it an added bonus to stop by. I mean really - check out these views we got when we were walking around!
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If you're looking for other fun things to do in the area, apart from just enjoying the beaches, here's some ideas for you!
Shimoda Aquarium
Shirahama Jinja Shrine - 2400 years of history right there!
Perry Road - a neat spot with a lot of history (as well as some really cute shops selling neat artworks amongst other things!)
Hōfuku-ji Temple
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If you are planning to visit the Shimoda area and want to check out South Cafe, their website can be found here. Just be aware that the café is closed every Thursday if you're headed down during the week. There's plenty to do in the area, so it's somewhere that makes a nice getaway for several days if you have the time to dedicate to it!

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