Bills - a favorite spot for breakfast!

When a restaurant starts in one country and then ends up spanning across four more, you get the impression that they're doing something right. Bills started off in Sydney, Australia - and now has locations in Japan, South Korea, the US and the UK.
If you're craving a Western style breakfast and you're nearby to one of their seven current Japan locations, I highly recommend giving Bills a try!
We visited the Yokohama store most recently (it's located in the Red Brick Building area, which is a great spot to look around anyway!) and enjoyed breakfast there.
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Bills is well known for their ricotta pancakes - they are fluffy and delicious. Most stores offer the ricotta pancakes with banana and honeycomb butter. The Yokohama store though has both the regular ricotta pancakes, and a "berry berry" variety which is the one I chose to get, since they don't offer it at the other stores that I am aware of! Even the butter for the pancakes is berry infused!
Mike went for the Fresh Aussie breakfast on this occasion, which has poached eggs, gravalax, greens, avocado, cherry tomatoes, and he got a side of toast to have it with.
They don't just do breakfast - there's also lunch and dinner menus that you can check out, too!
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You can find the Bills website here (it's in English, but there is also a Japanese version) which has the store locations, menus and hours. When we plan a trip to Bills we do try and get there right as they open because they are a popular spot (especially since they open early) and they do tend to fill up quickly. It's not unusual to have to wait for a table, so just keep that in mind! You can see that even in the picture above, we got there right as they opened and the store was basically full by the time we were eating.
The address for the Yokohama store that we visited is Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, Building 2, 1-1-2 Shinko, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken, 231-0001.

Happy Eating!

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