Gub Gubs Vegan Kitchen - Best vegan food in Okinawa!

Anyone who is vegetarian or vegan living in Japan knows how difficult it can be to eat out, as there are often no vegan or vegetarian options on the menu! Luckily, here in Okinawa, I have found quite a few great vegan and vegetarian places to eat at! My favourite has got to be Gub Gubs Vegan Kitchen in Yomitan! This place is located on a narrow little back street in a very residential area, so you will definitely need your Google Maps handy.

This place serves vegan comfort food at its best! Think vegan burgers, hot dogs, taco rice and pizzas. I have been quite a few times now and the burgers are definitely the best! They taste absolutely amazing, and are incredibly filling! The Cheeseburger actually reminds me of the taste of a Whopper, without the animal products. I've even taken non-vegans there who have loved it! you can choose the regular price on the menu, or pay around 100yen extra to support local animal charities. They also sell some trinkets and things in the restaurant that support animal welfare groups.

"meatball" sub

The interior of the restaurant is really cute and the owners are lovely! They speak great English and were really friendly. There were only 3 tables (seating about 4-6 people each), so they can't seat a lot of people inside, but they also have a bar outside serving yummy alcoholic drinks including vegan beers and soft-drinks. The bar is also dog friendly! I can't wait to go back.
I would recommend checking the Facebook page before you go, because sometimes the opening schedule varies and they also sell out of food, so might open later than expected. Either way, you should definitely make the effort to find this place if you're a vegan in Okinawa. You won't regret it!

Rachael Brennan