Washi Tape and its many uses!

I have been a lover of cute stationery for as long as I can remember. I had pen pals when I was younger, and writing letters is still something I love doing (I know, I'm old school) so I really enjoy finding cute ways to jazz up envelopes or writing paper.
You can bet that I was excited as a result when we moved to Japan - home of all things cute in the stationery realm. You know a place is big on cute stationery when they even dedicate cafes to it! One thing that I've really come to have quite a stash of is washi tape, which is very popular here. There are so many cute designs out there and so many ways that you can use the tape, too!
I took the below picture at my local Don Quixote store which has a range of washi tapes available, but you can find them all over the place. Most 100 yen stores have a pretty good selection too, so if you're wanting to stock up on some they are good places to check first! A popular brand in Japan is MT tape, and you can check out their website here - it has both craft inspiration ideas and some of the tape roll designs they have.
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I have a bunch of different crafts and ideas bookmarked for ways to use washi tape - here are some of them!

You can use it to fancify your phone and charger

I think the way they've done this looks really cute, and I like that they also took into account the phone charger, since I don't think I'd ever seen someone try and creatively make one of those look prettier!

(idea & pic credit from http://www.designsponge.com/)
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Make your laptop keyboard look super cute

I'm a sucker for floral patterns, so when I saw this online I had to bookmark it. Haven't tried it yet (I do think it would be a little time consuming, and you'd have to be pretty good at touch typing to be able to know which key was which if you used some darker tapes!) but I do think it turns a bland keyboard into something very eye catching.
(pic credit: http://www.craftroomconfidential.blogspot.com)
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Got kids at home? Use washi tape on the floor to make your very own race track!

I thought this was a really clever idea for people with kids who have a million toy cars all over the place! It also looks like the buildings on the wall have probably been made out of washi tape too - super easy to peel off too, so you don't damage the paint on your walls either.
(pic & idea from http://lejardindejuliette.blogspot.jp/)

Use it when you're wrapping presents

I love the simplicity of just using plain brown wrapping paper and then using the washi tape as the decoration for the gift. Plus, the great thing about using washi tape for the decoration is that you can just have one, plain basic roll of wrap and then pick out seasonal rolls of washi tape. I've seen washi rolls for all manners of occasions - Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, and tons of birthday inspired ones with things like balloons and so forth printed on them.
(pic credit: http://elizabethdoodah.blogspot.jp/2012/12/washi-tape-gift-wrap.htm)
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Honestly, there are so many great ideas for ways to use washi tape out on the net there that I could post hundreds of ideas. 

Have you used washi tape before, for anything? 

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