Oita For The First Time

On the east coast of Kyushu Prefecture which lies to the south of Japan, Oita Prefecture is most famous for its hot spring resorts, in particular Beppu and Yufuin towns. Other than enjoying the many types of hot spring waters, you can also sooth your body in a hot sand bath or mud bath in this mountainous volcanic area.

At Beppu town, you can take a tour of its many “jigoku” (hell) hot springs, so called for the steamy and bubbling hot springs, that due to their various mineral contents come in different colors, from blood red, to blue, green and grey. There is also a geyser that shoots a fountain of hot spring water every hour.
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Each hell hot spring has a different theme, some of them have a zoo attached, or flower park. There is a discount if you buy entry into all the hot spring parks. 
Beppu is also famous for its sand baths and mud baths, known for their revitalizing properties. The sand bath can be enjoyed by the beach, at the Beppu Kaihinsunayu, or Beppu Seaside Sand Bath.
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Yufuin is a charming little town lined with small traditional Japanese wooden houses that now serve as cafes or souvenir shops. It makes for a great stroll, and you can also find an owl zoo in the town, where you can interact with a wide range of owl species that come in various sizes, and take your selfie with them.
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Around 30 minutes by car from Beppu lies Lake Shidaka, which is part of the Aso Kuju National Park with views of Yufu-dake and Tsurumi-dake. Take a trek around the Aso crater, or if you prefer, take the Mt Aso Ropeway for a bird’s eye view of the crater and the surrounding mountain range.
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Yufuin has also gained recognition as a center for the arts, with several art galleries in town. 
There are several galleries in the town and an Art Hall has been built in Yufuin Station designed by Arata Isozaki. Catch the the Yufuin Film Festival held in August every year during the summer.

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