The Best Time To Visit Oita

The cooling months of spring or autumn are probably the best to enjoy Oita Prefecture as the weather is fine for trekking around its abundant nature, and you can warm yourself up in a soothing hot spring afterwards. 

Outdoor season
Taking an outdoor bath in a rotenburo is a must-do during these seasons. In Yufuin, do take a dip in one of the rotenburo, where you can take in the view of Mt Yufudake and the surrounding mountain range in its greenery or autumn colors while refreshing your body and soul. These seasons are also the best times to rent a bicycle and tour around the towns. 

Spring flowers
In the springtime from mid-February to early May, you can see Oita burst into an array of colors. For plum blossoms, head to Yoshino Plum Orchard where there are 450 trees. Around early April is when the cherry blossoms bloom, and the Oita Castle Ruins Park is a popular spot to hold cherry blossom viewing picnics with over 70 cherry blossom trees on the premise.

Source: chocowan [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Autumn festivals
In late autumn in November, you can also enjoy a beautifully mesmerizing festival, the Takeyoi Festival held in Usuki, to the south of Oita. It involves the night illumination of around 20,000 lanterns made of bamboo, placed throughout the town to welcome the soul of a princess.

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