The Best Times To Visit Kagoshima

With its lush and beautiful nature, which makes it a paradise for hiking or surfing, Kagoshima prefecture is best visited during spring or summer. 

The view of Sakurajima framed by sakura from Mt Shiroyama is postcard perfect. Take a ferry to Sakurajima and enjoy the great outdoors and the sakura on the island itself. 

The Kirishima mountain range is open for hiking from spring and the early summer is a good time to explore the various tracks. Yakushima, an increasingly popular tourist attraction for its lush and refreshing greenery is also best visited during the cooler spring and early summer months before the humidity level gets too high for comfort. 

During the summer, Kagoshima’s Amami Oshima island is a beach lover and surfer’s paradise. It is the second largest remote island in Japan, and surrounded by stunningly turquoise waters and white sandy beaches. There are numerous scenic spots to catch the sunset. The island has recently become popular with young surfers and divers, and hip beachside cafes, restaurants and boutique hotels have sprung up along the island’s shores.
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Tokyo Creative