The Best Times To Visit Shizuoka

With its varied geography which includes a long coastline, big lakes and Japan’s highest mountain, Shizuoka Prefecture truly has something to offer in every season.

If you’re looking to enjoy Shizuoka in a variety of colors, springtime would be the best, when you can visit its many parks and blossoms, with the highlight being, of course, cherry blossoms framing Mt Fuji. This scene can be captured at several spots around Shizuoka, depending on which angle you are looking for.
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In the summer, seaside hot spring resort comes to live with its summer firework festival, where you can enjoy a 30-minute firework display by the seaside. Have fun taking in the party atmosphere, with plenty of street stalls set up selling soul food, such as yakisoba fried noodles, fried chicken and other local specialties.

Between April and October, you can participate in tea-picking at Makinohara, a major tea-producing area in Shizuoka with sprawling tea fields and tea factories. After picking your own cup of tea, enjoy tea-inspired food at the on-site restaurant, such as tea-flavored soba, tempura-battered tea leaves and green tea desserts.

Shizuoka is also famous for its wasabi, or Japanese horseradish, which requires clean waters in order to grow. May is the time when the wasabi is ripe for harvesting, and you can try freshly-picked wasabi. Wasabi farms are usually located around flowing streams, and make for a pleasant cool walk.
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In the winter, you can take in a view of snow-capped Mt Fuji from hot spring resorts such as Izu Nagaoka, or from west of the Izu Peninsular. And of course, enjoy fresh fish from the Suruga Bay that are at their tastiest during the cold season! 

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