Mie Food Guide

Mie has a vast array of food types to enjoy. From Lobster, to Beef, Chicken, traditional Japanese sweets, special thick noodles, Mie has it all. 
Ise Lobster
Known for its size and spines, the Ise Lobster is very popular in Japan as high-class cuisine. Because Mie is on the coast, you are practically guaranteed to be able to eat fresh, delicious seafood and lobster. Seafood here is fed by the Kuroshio Current and become sweet and umami-rich.
Matsusaka Beef
One of the major three forms of beef (which includes Kobe and Omi Beef), Matsusaka Beef is known for its high fat content. This meat from Black-haired Wagyu of Japan is made by feeding female cows ground wheat, with a helpful side of beer. They’re even massaged to keep the meat tender. Being a cow never sounded so relaxing!

Kumano Chicken
This Chicken is in fact the perfect chicken. Created by the Mie Prefecture Livestock Research Institute, the Kumano Chicken was bred for ideal richness of taste and began sales in 1999. It is highly regarded by chefs around the world, and is only bred in Kumano City
Ise Udon
Ise Udon is made by boiling udon noodles for an extended period, and serving it with a thick soy-based soup topped with green onion. Simple, but delicious
This mochi is unique in that, rather than having the sweet bean paste inside of the mochi, it covers the outside of this delicious traditional dessert. It symbolizes happiness and good luck, and its recipe has not changed in 300 years!

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