The Best Travelling Seasons in Mie

Like many places in Japan, Mie is beautiful throughout the year with a long list of sceneries to enjoy. Because a lot of the prefecture is surrounded by ocean, as well as covered in national parks and mountains, the hot and humid summers can be easily combatted. Spring is enjoyed with sakura, and peonies, and fall with autumn leaves. However, what you should be focusing on is the food. Depending on the season, you may be able to enjoy the best tasting seafood in the country.
Photo Credit: flickr user BONGURI

Sakura and Shrines in Spring
Above all in Japan, there is one thing to look out for in Spring, and that is Sakura. One area in particular, near the Ise Grand Shrine, is very beautiful and stands out. The Naigu temple of the Ise Grand Shrine is known for having beautiful Sotoorihime cherry trees which blossom slightly earlier than most. Some of these trees can be seen near famous architecture, perfect for a photo opportunity.
Photo Credit: flickr user Kyota
Cool off at Water Parks in Summer
A little-known fact about Mie, it actually holds many water and amusement parks near tourist destinations including one of the best parks, Nagashima Spa Land. These would be perfect places to cool off after travelling around Japan's humid summers. Most of Mie is also right next to the coastline, so you can also take a quick dive into the ocean to relax with the seafood – I mean fish.
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Relax in the Mild Autumn Temperature
Weather and temperature wise, autumn is by far the best season to visit Mie. Not to hot or cold, and not much rain, there's nothing in your way for travel. Of course, you can also relax and take a quiet stroll through the Kumano Kodo, one of the oldest religious pilgrimage roads in Japan. However, be careful: many tourists also feel the same, and you may encounter large groups of likeminded visitors.
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Eat Delicious Ise Lobster in Winter
Winter is by far the best time to eat Ise Lobster, Japan's most famous and highly-prized lobster. Juicy and succulent raw, and tender when cooked, the Ise lobster is sought after around the world, and is named after a region in Mie. Though it is available practically everywhere around Japan, Mie's unique rocky coastline allows for better-tasting seafood all season round. Why not warm up with some delicious shrimp soup?

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