Inside Megaweb Toyota City Odaiba

Car town in Palette Town

Welcome to Palette Town!

Megaweb Toyota City, located on the island of Odaiba, is an interactive showroom showcasing various production vehicles, race cars, and upcoming car technology. This is a great place for anyone who has a love for cars and technology, but it also has activities for the casual tourist exploring Odaiba. If you’re in Odaiba, and have time to explore, be sure to check out Megaweb Toyota City. 


Located in the heart of Palette Town, Megaweb Toyota City is not hard to miss. If you’re new to the area, if you look for the famous Daikanransha Ferris Wheel, you’re headed in the right direction. There are two entrances, one on each level. Entry is free, and the hours are from 11:00am-9:00pm.
Path to Palette Town

The Showroom


The first floor of the building has a display room of the current Toyota product lineup for consumers. These range from passenger cars, vans, and public vehicles like taxis. The display room itself is very open, and you can enter any car to look inside, just like a dealership. There is also a shopping outlet near the rear of the building, called Euro Sport. You’ll find many motorsports merchandise like Formula 1, and MotoGP clothing, and also gifts and souvenirs for just about anybody. Be sure to look for various interactive stations where you can test your hand-eye coordination and put some of your skills to the test!
Mega Theater in the Back
I'm driving in Japan!
Terrible representation of safe driving!
Toyota 86
Tokyo MPD 86

Toyota Aqua, definitely not offered in the States!

For activities, you can access the Mega Theater, where you can experience a virtual car ride on the big screen. If that’s not enough? Why not drive an actual car! Megaweb offers test drive of various Toyota cars you can choose from. The test drive takes you through a 1.3 km track where you can get a feel of what the car offers. I personally was unable to try this out because of time constraints. But if you’re in the mood to drive a car, you found it here. If I recall, there really isn’t too much required to test drive a car, I think a driver’s license is necessary, but that’s about it. There is another driver course where you drive miniature versions of cars around a small track, but if I remember, the only way to do this is you must speak fluent Japanese. 


The second floor has two areas, Waku-Doki Zone, and Global Discovery. In the Waku-Doki zone, all things Toyota racing related will be found there. This includes current and previous race cars that Toyota has used in motorsport, ranging from production-based vehicles, to prototype race cars. There is also a racing simulator you can try out for free, so challenge your friends and see who's the fastest racer! Waku-Doki zone also has various racing parts and items that are potentially available to purchase, and a café area if you’re in the mood for a snack.
Toyota Altezza race car
Lexus SC430 Super GT race car
Various tuner parts for sale
Racing Simulator hub!
I don't know it, but I want it!

Global Discover Zone is more of the technology side of Toyota. Where you can see prototypes and concept cars of future vehicles, as well as various technologies focused on the environment and passenger safety. One I was able to try out was the virtual test drive, free of charge. Using VR technology, you experience all the safety features Toyota currently implements in their vehicles, such as accident avoidance. There is also a driving simulator, which I was unable to try, that basically puts you in the streets where you learn about these safety features first hand. 
Toyota Hybrid Technology
Toyota prototype/concept car
Artistic representation of a Prius

Overall Experience

I really enjoyed my time at Megaweb Toyota City. There are lots to do here that can entertain you for a while. My hobby for cars just added to the enjoyment. I would recommend this place for anyone heading into Odaiba, especially if you’re into cars, technology, or just exploring without spending.  Surprisingly, the day I went here was also the day Toyota celebrated the 50th anniversary of one of their cars, the Corolla, which I ended up being photographed for a local newspaper. It’s the small things that happen when exploring an area that makes it all worth it!
My 15 minutes of fame on a local newspaper

Saikham Xiong