Detective Conan cafe - Japanese popular culture on a plate!

If you've spent more than an hour wandering the streets of Tokyo, chances are you've seen Conan somewhere - one of Japan's most beloved fictional characters, the diminutive detective can be found gracing billboards, shopping ads, public service posters, you name it. This year is the 20th anniversary of the Meitantei Conan manga,  and countless events are cropping up to commemorate it - including a two-month-long run of a themed pop-up cafe, in major cities all over the country.
Is there anything cuter than the main cast all dressed up as cafe staff <3

With 855 episodes and counting under my belt, I count myself a hardcore fan, and of course jumped at the chance to experience a bit of Conan in the flesh. We went to the Osaka one - just a short walk away from bustling Shinsaibashi, there were only a few other groups booked into the 8pm slot on a Thursday, so we were free to wander around admiring all the adorable decorations around the cafe.
Conan says hi!

Of course the main attraction is the menu - everything is themed after characters or events in the story - even the muddler served with the "villain smoothie" is a miniature golf club ^^
Ham sandwich (Amuro recipe). That episode though *salivates*

We came with dessert in mind, and dessert we certainly got. The APTX4869 mousse cake was an insta-order for me, as a massive Haibara fan, and we also tried the Kansai duo-themed matcha tiramisu. I'll be honest - they could have put a bit more effort into the taste - but when things look this cute do you really care?!
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We also got the Kaitou Kid Magic Soda, which I won't spoil with a picture - go see for yourself! ;)
After all that sugar, it's a great time to expend some of that excitement in the goods shop - a ton of limited edition Conan cafe merchandise, from key rings and crisps to tote bags and socks. How much thinner will your wallet be when you leave?
If anyone tries these crisps, tell me if they did anything funny with the shapes!

This special event is ongoing right now -   if there's one in a city near you, and make your reservations quick!

Lynnie Lim