A step inside a Japanese Patisserie!

When you think of the word patisserie, it's likely that you'll think of France first before you think of Japan. The patisserie culture here is pretty significant though, with plenty of influences from those French bakeries.
One patisserie chain in Japan that offers a range of different sweet treats is called Chateraise. It's a favorite for our family on special occasions - and here's some of the yummy stuff you can get from them!
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They sell a bunch of different ice creams. This one was advertised on their front window - it is called a "Pie Chocolate Ice Cream" which seems to be an ice cream bar with both chocolate and pie crust in the center. It looks pretty good - I'm wondering what it would be like texturally!
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There's usually a pretty decent range of animal inspired baked goods on offer (in true Japanese fashion!) How cute are the teddy bears? They sell teddy bear cakes in larger sizes too, to serve multiple people.
Also, Easter themed treats have seemed to gain quite a bit of traction here over the last couple of years. The bunny and chick cakes look adorable!
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A bit of a closer look at the bunny cakes!
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There's always a large range of individual sliced cakes and cheesecakes on offer too. One thing that I have noticed is really popular in Japan is seen in the bottom right, which are called Mont Blanc - they are a chestnut flavored dessert. My favorite thing about Japanese cakes are that they are just the right amount of sweetness, where you can enjoy a slice but not feel like you're hitting the point of sugar overload. Also, aesthetically they just do such a wonderful job with making everything look so perfect.
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I'm not much of a baker myself, so when it comes to special occasions we usually get some kind of cake from here to share with our family. We also find if we are getting together with our Japanese friends that bringing along a cake like this to an occasion is always very much appreciated. My husband is quite partial to the strawberry shortcakes himself - although I think everything in this picture looks pretty delicious!
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One of the really neat things I like about Chateraise is that it's not just your regular cakes that they have for sale - they have a bunch of traditional Japanese sweets that you can try too! Things like dango, dorayaki, and manju are all available to purchase. Sometimes I just like to browse this section and pick something random that I haven't tried before. I've found a lot of things I've really enjoyed by doing that.
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Here's a close up of one of the products that was on offer in the traditional Japanese goods section - daruma inspired sweets! They are a baked bun with yellow bean paste, coated in white chocolate. I haven't yet tried one of these but it's on my list for next time.
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So that's a bit of a glimpse into what you can find in a Japanese patisserie. You're bound to find something that you like with all of the options that are available to you!

Happy Eating!

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