Narita City Temple right outside our little wonderful Ryokan. Also, the cute Chichi & Haha (Father& Mother) place we ate at there at the Temple on a hill.

Here is the Naritasan Kongō-ō-in Shinshoji which is the official name of the Naritasan-Temple.  This was located right outside our lovely little Ryokan Which was great! I will post on that Ryokan. 
This Temple is great and you can also get a temple book in which you walk around  and the priests there will sign them and stamp it,  There is even a Park right there called Naritasan Park and you can get to it adjacent from the Great Main Hall.  Unfortunately we didn't have much time to  spend here at this temple, but it is so worth the trip even during the rain it was very peaceful. Also, on the grounds if you want to see it is the Great Pagoda of Peace that was built in 1984, it stands 58m high & symbolizes the teaching of Shingon Buddhism.
Leading up to the Ni-ō-mon Gate (1831)
Where we cleansed our hands and mouth.
Ni-ō-mon Gate
Here Adjacent from the gate people can release live fish symbolizing the Buddhist teaching of "ahimsā" (non-violence or the belief in the sacredness of all living creatures).
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These steps are steep and can be a bit slippery when raining please take care walking up and down them.
Great Main Hall (1968) The most important Goma ritual is performed in this hall.
Three Storied Pagoda, (1712) There are 5 Buddhas (Vairocana, Aksobhya, Ratnasambhava, Amitābha, &Amoghasiddhi) enshrined inside the pagoda.

Shusse Inari Shrine where I had bought and offering from a lovely lady's stand and took it up. I loved this shrine even in the drizzling rain.

Shusse Inari Shrine : My offering of the cake and the two fox statues second from the right. Also, where you can have your temple book signed and stamped.
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Shaka-dō Hall (1858)
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Walking to the Great Pagoda of Peace
Entrance to go inside of the Great Pagoda of Peace and is where they will write and stamp the Book. You can go up to the top, but because of wet and cold and Time we decided to pass this time.
As you enter inside you can walk around, but please have Great respect where it says "No Photos"
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Fountain at the Great Pagoda of Peace.
This is my meal that day. Definitely the best I have had compared to mine I make at home.
My daughter's tempura shrimp she had been wanting! Served with hot ōcha and pickled daikon & cucumber. YUM !! Total for our meal $10 of 1,000¥

Me with the Owner of this cute humble, little family owned diner.
This is the little Mom and Pop place we ate at right at the top of a hill inside kind of near temple grounds. I actually talked to the customer in this photo and his family they were so nice & what surprised me the most is I talked in Japanese just a little and understood what they said to me. I have only been learning for about 2 months.

Tania LoNero