Why traveling in Japan with kids is awesome!

As a mother and someone who loves exploring new places, I've found Japan to be a wonderful place to travel around. My husband and I have taken our daughter on many trips within Japan - and we now have a son to add to our vacations too! Here's some of the reasons why I think traveling in Japan with kids is a great idea.

You're giving your kids a true cultural experience!

From castles to shrines and temples, to different foods, to hearing a different language - it's a real immersion into an entirely new culture here! I think it's a very enriching experience for children and teenagers to have, and brings about loads of great learning and educational opportunities. There's also so many different museums here that are great to delve into!

Baby wearing is common here! 

One thing I noticed since living here was just how many people use baby carriers to get around with their children, especially in the cities where it's not necessarily the most practical to be lugging a stroller through train turnstiles and small spaces. I found it super helpful when getting around (and even when doing housework at home!) to have my hands free and use a baby carrier! My husband also would wear a child carrying hiking backpack and again those are pretty commonplace here too.

Nature abounds!

We are a family that loves the outdoors - especially since we've had children I think we appreciate places where they are free to make a bit of noise and run around. Japan is definitely not just big cities! There are plenty of places where you can get out and enjoy wide open spaces, and there are a ton of amazing scenic spots that make for great family pictures.

There are a plethora of indoor play areas

This has been one thing we've loved about Japan. Anywhere we travel to seems to have somewhere nearby that has an indoor play area - perfect for kids to burn off some energy after a long train or car ride! We've been to a number of different ones in our time in Japan, and they usually have fun things like ball pits, bouncy castles, interactive toy kitchens, and one even had a giant sandbox that the little ones could enjoy! Best part is they're always immaculately clean too, and have great baby changing facilities. And on that point...

You'll never have to worry about finding a clean facility to change your little one.

I've never struggled with finding clean changing facilities here - like all bathrooms in Japan it seems that cleanliness is paramount, which makes life as a parent so much easier! Plus, if you stop into a mall or shopping center there are usually even several rooms provided for nursing mothers, and they also include facilities for making and warming formula bottles too! Very convenient and family friendly!

Plus...it's a theme park lovers paradise!

Our kids are a bit too young to really appreciate theme parks just yet, but if you've got children that would, you won't have any shortage of options to take them to - and theme parks are a big drawcard for a lot of family vacations! The most popular options for international visitors seem to be Disneyland, Disney Sea, and Universal Studios, but there are loads more to choose from too!

Hopefully that's a few reasons to help you with your decision on where to book your next family trip! 

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