The Best Travelling Seasons in Hyogo

While it is possible to enjoy Hyogo to its fullest in any season, some seasons in particular have great opportunities for the interested traveler.
See the Famous Himeji Castle Sakura in Spring
While the Himeji Castle is beautiful by itself, nothing compares to seeing the castle with blooming Sakura trees nearby. The trees begin blooming from late March to the beginning of April, and are a perfect opportunity for Hanami (Flower Watching) parties. Especially now that the castle has finished renovations, Spring is the best season to experience the Himeji Castle.
Experience Two Seas in Summer
Many prefectures are limited to one coastline on one ocean, but Hyogo is unique in that you can see both the Seto Inland Sea as well as the Sea of Japan, all in one prefecture. Summer in particular is a great time to experience both coasts in their majesty. The Seto Inland Sea holds the largest suspension bridge in the world, as well as whirlpools that sometimes measure 30 meters in diameter (known as Naruto). The Sea of Japan also has the Takeno Coast, known as one of Japan’s most beautiful coasts, with white beaches and blue seas.
Photo Credit: Flickr user Norio.NAKAYAMA
Autumn Leaves and the Castle in the Sky
The Takeda Castle ruins, also known as the Castle in the sky, is particularly beautiful in Autumn, surrounded by clouds and the red leaves of the surrounding mountain. While slightly farther from most popular destinations in Hyogo, it is a great place to learn about traditional Japanese culture and history while getting some really good pictures.
Photo Credit: Flickr user cotaro70s
Hit the Slopes in Winter
Because Hyogo is so large, it’s northernmost regions actually get a decent amount of snow in the winter, especially in its mountainous regions. Hachikogen is one of the more famous areas in Hyogo known for its large amounts of snowfall and beautiful views. After having a long day’s fun in the power, you can warm up with Japanese soul food such as Oden and Butaman. The Hachikogen is accessible by train, car, or bus, and can be your perfect winter sports stop.

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