Eating in Tokyo for Cheap

Japan is known for its amazing and delicious food. Amazing and delicious food = money. Your dream trip to Tokyo almost seems impossible without the right amount of money. One of the best ways to save on your trip to Tokyo is through food. 
Pictured below is my first meal in Tokyo that cost around 5 USD. Tasty, filling, and cheap!
My first meal in Tokyo- only $5

The best way to do this is through convenience stores. 7 Eleven seems to be the most popular choice. These stores are everywhere and can be within walking distance to wherever you will be staying. 
Upon purchase, you have the option to allow the cashier to heat up your food for you if it’s cold- like a frozen “quesadilla”. In addition, they sell food that’s already hot- like hotdogs. Or grab a sandwich or salad that’s ready to eat! These choices can be anywhere from $2-4. 
7 Eleven has a great variety of breads, desserts, and my favorite: fruit jello cups! Those things are amazing. You can choose to eat more traditional Japanese foods- which can cost a little more like sushi or bento boxes.
As you explore the city, you will find small food stands or stores. They can be around metro stations too, where you can purchase food on the go.
This is my $3 breakfast before we headed out to see Mt. Fuji!
Who knew they sold mini waffles?

A few tips:
·         If you are staying somewhere with a refrigerator or mini fridge, store your snacks or drinks. Large drinks at 7 Eleven cost about $1 and took me 2 days to drink. 
·         Most Hotels /Hostels/ Ryokans have electric kettles for hot water. Generally used for tea, but are great for your $1 cup of ramen you purchased at 7 Eleven.
You can choose to eat cheap for breakfast, lunch, and dinner- saving you money to explore the city.

Liz Avocado