Social Anxiety & Ramen

Ichiran is a zero interaction ramen restaurant, serving delicious ramen all day long. It does a special thing for those of us with social anxiety. The actual ordering process is a little different to navigate, but you enjoy this experience without really having to talk with anyone. This is done through a ticket machine, the self-seating chart, and the individual booths.
In addition, if you travel solo, it takes away the awkwardness of sitting alone at a restaurant. If you aren’t traveling solo, the little stalls can also be opened up to eat with the person next to you.
Be warned, the line can get long, and you will have to wait, but it’s totally worth it. 
Upon entering, you will see the ticket machine. Push the buttons you want, pay the machine, and grab your tickets. You can make it as cheap or as expensive as you want, mine was like $7.
My ramen order

Keep waiting for your turn in line. During rush hour, a nice lady will keep the line moving by handing you a preference paper that you will mark as you wait in line. Otherwise, watch the seating chart on the wall and complete the paper at your seat. That paper lets you choose your noodle type, broth type, and even spiciness level. There is instructions all around your little stall to ease your ordering process. Notice, water is free and available at your seat.
The set up
The employees lower half’s are only visible when they open the blinds. Summon them to collect your paper and tickets by pressing the button in front of you. Towards the end of your meal, you have the choice to fill out another paper for extras, like noodles, eggs, or pork. Pay there if you ordered extra.
Overall, Ichiran is cheap, delicious, and easy for those of us with a little social anxiety!

Liz Avocado