Maid Café Unraveled

Akihabara: Games! Anime! Manga! Maids? You are mesmerized if this is your thing. You will see girls dressed in maid outfits offering you pamphlets to their café. You will see posters everywhere advertising their food and drinks. Akihabara has dozens of maid cafés and the experience seemed inevitable.

Notice, there is an entrance fee. Usually $5 per person and can be limited to one hour. The price of this fee goes up when you visit during dinner hours, so plan accordingly.
Sit, order, and experience. In this café everyone claps as you walk in, even the customers. The maids throw animal ears on you and then you are ready to start.
Too cute to eat!
(On a side note: We noticed old, young, male, female, couples, and even solo customers.)
As you take a seat, your maid will show you “combos” for you to choose from. Combos offers mixtures of dance shows, polaroid pictures, and desserts, ranging from $20-$50 per person. Politely decline, and ask for the menu if you choose. I had researched ahead of time, so I knew what I wanted to purchase.
 Luckily for us, another customer ordered a package that included a maid sing and dance light show- so we benefited from his $50 purchase! The performance was cute & fun, but remember to only photograph or video after given permission.
As your food arrives, the maid will chant cute things, and it will be awkward, but nothing can beat this insanely cute food, which actually taste good too.
My boyfriend's choice!

Our time had come to an end, so we headed up to the register to pay. The check came around $50 for 2 people. A little expensive- if you are on a budget like me. In the end, you pay for the experience. You get to eat cute food, awkwardly talk to a Japanese maid, and even get the chance to see them perform. So is a Maid Cafe worth it? Yes. Would I do it again? Since I've already done it, it would be nice to see what the other branches have to offer! Keep in mind, this is my first Maid Café experience, and I can only speak for the specific one I visited. 

Liz Avocado