Japanese Beauty Products: Face Cleansers

Ah, Japan one of the worlds most well known places for beauty products that actually work and deliver results! Today I will introduce you to some Japanese face cleansers that are a "must buy" the next time you visit Japan. All these products can be found in any drugstore located around Japan, prices will vary between different stores so I haven't put up any prices. They are also generally very cheap and won't bleed out your wallet. :D

1. Ishizawa Lab Keana Baking Soda Face Wash Foam


This product would be one of my personal favorites as you can actually see the results within a day or two of using it. This face wash actually delivers what it  promises which  is to  shrink englarged pores and clear dead skin cells while moisturizing the skin. The product itself is quite sticky and goopy, so it would be best to tie up your hair before you apply it. This face wash works better for people who have oily and acne prone skin as it does help to get rid of the excess oil but sometimes it can dry out the skin way to much and make your face feel really dry and stiff.

2. Evita Beauty Whip Soap  by Kanebo

This product is definitely way off the kawaii scale! The actual product dispenses into a lovely rose scented rose shaped foam face wash. If may look really cute but beware it is not a product that is suitable  for sensitive skin as it gives people who have sensitive skin a burning sensation which isn't very pleasant, you have been warned!!!The cleansing foam also has a very soft fluffy feel to it and is also pretty fun to dispense! Apart from this product not being very "sensitive skin friendly" it works alright as a face cleanser. I wouldn't recommend using it in your daily beauty routine as it may end up making your skin feel irritated  and give you a burning feeling as well!

3. Rosette Cleaning Paste

I am aware that there are four different versions of the product which both have different benefits but from experience I have only used the blue version before. First things first I will explain the benefits for each color:
  • The blue one is for acne prone skin and oily skin and helps to treat and prevent acne 
  • The yellow one is is to brighten dull looking skin and give it that glow
  • The pink one is to plump and firm skin to make it bouncy and stretchy 
  • The green one is to deep clean pores and make the skin nice and smooth 
The product works very well and delivers what it promises as it has visibly helped my skin to prevent and treat acne. This product would work really nice in a daily beauty routine but if your prefer something more pleasant on the nose pick something else as this product kind of has a weird lavender sea clay smell to it which to be honest isn't that bad but it is really over powering. Apart from having a weird smell it can also dry out your skin a lot as well so beware if you do decide to use it in your daily beauty routine!

That's all for today! I hoped you enjoyed my first article on Japanese Beauty products! There will  definitely be more coming soon!(๑>◡<๑)

Stay Kawaii!!!

Kawaii Jess  xxx

Kawaii Jess