Tokyo's Best Beer Hall

Tokyo has a surprising number of beer halls, many which try to recreate foreign beer hall experiences.  Still, those foreign-inspired beer halls can feel out of place in Tokyo, especially since Japan has its own unique enkai (dinner party) culture.  To me, the best beer hall in Tokyo is one that offers a familiar taste of what you may find in beer halls elsewhere, but is still deeply rooted in the true Tokyo enkai style: Yebisu Beer Hall right across the street from Ebisu station.
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A few days ago, I introduced you all to the God of Japanese beer, and at Yebisu Beer Hall, you have a grand opportunity to enjoy Yebisu Beer the way it was intended: in a jovial atmosphere with delicious food and space for friends.  The restaurant is relatively spacious, so reservations are not really necessary unless you are trying to go on a Friday or Saturday night or if you have a large party (the reservation line is 050-5890-6386).  Unlike many other Beer Halls, Yebisu is open for both lunch and dinner, with operating hours from 11:30 to 23:30.  Perhaps some of you won't feel comfortable imbibing alcohol at lunch time, but if you're traveling, I say why not sample a few different types of Yebisu.  The Beer Hall will always serve the staple Yebisu brews while offering one or two seasonal options.
As for food, Yebisu Beer Hall offers a nice fusion between hearty German and Japanese-style cuisines.  Sausages and potatoes are staples across many of the offerings, but Yebisu provides customers a variety of meat and vegetable options, along with some seasonal dishes. 
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A lunch set will run you between 1000-1500 yen, while a full dinner meal will usually cost between 1000-2500 yen depending on your choices.  The beer is reasonably priced.  If you decide to make dinner reservations, they will offer a dinner course menu which includes all you can drink, but it is better to go ala carte on food.
And of course, I could not offer a recommendation for a Beer Hall without also giving a recommendation on a type of beer to have while you're there...all Yebisu varieties are tasty, but I prefer their dark beer options; specifically the Yebisu Black Beer and Creamy Top Stout.
On your way out of the restaurant, be sure to stop by and snap a pic with Ebisu Station's own version of the Hachiko statue--the Yebisu statue!
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Mike B