Aichi 2-day Itinerary

After arriving at Nagoya Station, take the train to the Jingu Mae Station and go to the Atsuta Grand Shrine. Bonus points if you go early in the morning to beat the crowd of tourists. After relaxing at the holy shrine, find a nearby traditional restaurant to have Hitsumabushi for lunch (we recommend Atsuta Horaiken Honten). After filling up on some delicious eel, head back towards Nagoya Station and visit the Nagoya City Science Museum to learn about anything from science to mechanics.
Photo Credit: Flickr user 
Photo Credit: Flickr user Aaron G (Zh3uS)
Day 2
From Nagoya Station, go to Sengen-cho station and walk to Nagoya Castle, Aichi’s most prestigious castle. Experience the beautiful scenery and learn through the exhibits. If you’re lucky, they may be having a sumo tournament at the Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium, so check out the tournament dates beforehand. From here, you can relax more at Nagoya, or head to other cities like Toyota or Konomiya to experience local festivals and food.

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