Aichi Access Guide

There are three major cities in Aichi, all of which are very easy to get to via train, bus, and plane. Though some rural areas may require long hours on the train, most activities in Aichi are in the metropolitan areas like Nagoya, Mikawa-Anjo, and Toyohashi.
Nagoya Station is a major stop for the Chubu Area, and is therefore accessible by Shinkansen from Tokyo. From Tokyo, it is a 1 hour and 40 minute Shinkansen ride from Tokyo, and a 50 minute Shinkansen ride from Osaka and 40 minutes from Kyoto. It would also be economical to buy the Japan Rail Pass, as a majority of lines going to Nagoya and inside Aichi are JR lines.
There are two airports from which you can easily arrive at Aichi. One is the Central Japan International Airport, from which you can go to many destinations in the Chubu Area. The other is the Nagoya Airport, from which you can take a 20 minute bus ride to Nagoya Station and begin your travels.
Many companies offer Express Buses from Major cities in Japan to Nagoya, including late-night buses that are cheaper than taking an airplane or bullet train to Aichi.

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