Aichi Food Guide

Aichi is very famous for its foods, particularly because a vast majority of them use Red Miso as a base for soups, toppings, and sauces. Red Miso itself is a sweet and salty paste full of delicious umami, and can be used on anything from main dishes to miso soups, to even deserts! Here are some of the most nationally popular dishes.
Misonikomi Udon, the Taste Changer
Gotten tired of Udon on your travels in Japan? Maybe its because you’ve just gotten tired of the fish-based soup. Misonikomi Udon, however, uses red miso as its soup base. Traditionally, this thick-noodle soup is served with a raw egg cracked on top, and served piping hot in a porcelain bowl. Perfect for those winter nights, when you want a dish that will warm you to the core.
Hitsumabushi, Eat it Your Way
Hitsumabushi, or Grilled and chopped eel on rice, is unique in that there are three ways (or steps, if you want to try them all) in eating this dish. At first, a portion is served regularly with the eel on top of rice. Once you’ve had your fill, move on to the second portion, but this time add wasabi and nori (dried seaweed) to your preference. Move on to the third portion, and add some hot green tea to the mix to make a delicious Ochazuke. The fourth portion you can do as you wish.
Goheimochi, the Perfect Travel Food
 Goheimochi is simple but perfect. It is baked mochi with sweet miso dip. That's it. It’s also served on a stick, which means it is easy to walk around with while eating (don’t worry it’s not bad manners). These treats are served at food stands everywhere in Toyota city, and is a famous country food that locals enjoy. Afraid you won’t find any stands? Don’t worry, you’ll smell them from a mile away.
Miso-katsu, fried pork with – of course – miso 
Miso-katsu isn’t your everyday pork cutlet. While in other regions in Japan, fried pork is served with a Worstershire-base sauce, pork cutlet in Aichi is usually served with a miso-based sauce. Because miso is high in nutritional value, it will make you feel less guilty about eating fried pork! 

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