Winc Purikura- New Release of Japanese Photo Booth that you must try when you're in Japan !

One of the things that you should try when you are in Japan which is....
Purikura a.k.a Japanese Cute Photo Booth !!
Basically it is a photo-taking booth but it's in Japanese style. 
There are so many purikura booths in Japan but I would like to recommend the one as shown below: 
IMG_3284.JPG 2.02 MB
Winc Purikura 

Out of so many I've tried, personally I think this is so much user-friendly especially for us (tourists) and who ever never tried this before. And..the instructions are available in English so you need not to worry !!
This is located in one of the shops in Shibuya, Tokyo and they are specialized in just providing photo booths for you to play with.
Can't really remember exactly the steps when you're going to face when you play this machine but this would be the main thing you're going to do :)
Step 1:
Insert coins (400 yen per play)-located outside of the booth
Step 2:
Choose how many people going to play
Step 3:
Choose what type of make-up you prefer (3 options to choose from)
Step 4:
Choose type of frames
Step 5:
Go into the photo-taking sub-booth and boomm..get ready to take photo according to the instructions !!
Step 6:
Proceed to the photo decoration sub-booth (usually next to the photo-taking booth)  and get ready to edit and do some decorations on your photos !! But do remember that there will be limited time set (about 2-3 minutes?) for you to edit your photos, so please bear in mind and edit fast before running out of time !
Note: Do take note that English is not available for the decoration part  (quite dissapointed) so basically you just have to play with it using your common senses   (which how I did) if you can't read Japanese
Step 7:
Enter your email address if you would like the copy to be sent to your photo or pc
Step 8:
Whooo..and you're done ! Just wait for the photos to be printed and come out from the little opening at the bottom side of the machine !
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This time I'd tried it with my mum and she personally likes it so much and we returned back to the shop again on the last night of our Japan trip to play it again. 
I believe that this should be available at other areas of Tokyo such as Shinjuku, Akihabara and etc. 
Act cute while you can and get into cultures of Japan !! 
Try it out and it will be a great souvenir and nice memories for your Japan trip !! :) 

Yvonne Tan