Shopping tips! Skincare products I use on a daily basis (recommended buys)

Hi everyone, my name’s Frank!
I had the opportunity to live in Tokyo for 2 years because of my program at Tokyo (will be writing a post on this in the near future!)
I also love using skincare products so I'll most likely be showing you some products that I think are worth buying in Japan!It might be a little weird to see a guy like me reviewing skincare products. However, I’d like to surprise you by telling you a little story about myself. I grew up with a mother that had really good skin (and I probably inherited my skin from her… not to be a show-off or anything).
She would always remind us that we had to apply some sort of facial cream on our face twice a day (once in the morning and once at night). I never really knew how important taking care of my skin was until I became a university student with pimples growing everywhere on my face (pimples over pimples too!). This made me realize that skincare isn’t just a woman’s thing. Skincare is meant for both men and women!

To begin with, I want to start off by introducing the products that I use on a daily basis :

1.)  FANCL 3 in 1
2.)  Cleansing research AHA facial cleanser
20170424_093746.jpg 3.17 MB

These two products are the two skincare products that I always buy whenever I get to go to Japan! I have a combination skin (closer to being oily) and the FANCL all in one (さっぱり) works really well for me. The price of the FANCL all-in-one skin conditioner I is much cheaper in Japan when compared to stores in places like Taiwan. Make sure you check your local prices before you purchase something abroad! 
In Japan, it's much cheaper to purchase things with a JCB credit card. If you're a foreigner that's just here on vacation, you also get a tax rebate. So you end up saving quite a lot of money when you're shopping (this also applies to department stores). 
As for the AHA face wash, I purchased it at Takeya. Lots of tourists and visitors. Prices are fairly cheap (if you have the time, you should definitely compare with other stores or websites like and kakaku).
That's it for now!
Please look forward to my next post!
See you soon!

Frank C