Yasuda Yogurt, Agano City | ヤスダヨーグルト阿賀野市新潟県

I lived in Yasuda for four years, and just down the road is the most fantastic little place for sweet treats.
Yasuda Yogurt is a small business situated in the town of Yasuda, which itself is part of Agano City in Niigata Prefecture. Consisting of a waffle house, ice cream parlour and gift shop, the business does very well and is famous all over Japan for the quality of its products. The plain drinking yoghurt for example is widely available in supermarkets and convenience stores throughout the prefecture, and can be found as far as in Narita airport down in Chiba. The main draw for the company during the summer is the soft cream, waffle variations, breakfast, coffee etc. Other times, it does very well on its sales of puddings, jams, butter, gift bags, towels, utensils and interestingly enough skin products (lotions, facial creams etc.).
What I like the best from the shop is the soft cream. Simple, yet with a rich, deep flavour that’s not too sweet, it’s quite delectable. A close second would have to be the waffle breakfasts that are popular on the weekends.  They have a different range of flavours on offer (chocolate, strawberry, green tea) and will have seasonal options and a different range of serving options for your ice cream (different cones, or in a cup etc.)
Having recently expanded its in and outdoor seating areas, the spot is popular with families and is often packed on the weekends - so much so that it has parking attendants and railed queueing. You may find yourself queueing for a while, but it is definitely worth it: this shop is the main draw for Yasuda, since there aren’t so many businesses around here. They have some stone masonry  statues in their gardens, another big business in Yasuda and grow their own herbs (rosemary, basil, thyme).
For those who can’t make the journey out to Yasuda (about 45 minutes from Niigata City by car, you’ll struggle to get there using only public transport!), there is a small shop located in Niigata Station just off to the left of the main platform exit and situated by a KFC.
Opening Times:
Everday from 9:00AM to 5:00PM
Closed on national holidays

Yasuda 940
Agano City
Niigata Prefecture
(〒959-2221 新潟県阿賀野市保田940)

TEL: 0250-68-5028
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