Nara: Origins

Todai-Ji in Nara Prefecture

When you imagine Nara Prefecture, the roots of history and nature come to mind. This video aims to showcase the untouched beauty of this area in the Kansai region. Check out the video  below made by Tatsu and Wenbin about Nara: Origins.


Hosting some of the oldest shrines and temples in all of Japan, the roots of Japanese history are very much appreciated here. You can witness a Great Buddha Hall in the world’s largest wooden building here in Nara leaving a truly memorable experience.

Tamaki Shrine 
Part of the Okugakemichi trail pilgrimage; Tamaki Shrine is located on the top of Tamaki Mountain. Most notably famous for its cedar trees that surround the complex, Tamaki was designated as the inner sanctuary for the three Kumano Shrines.
Tamaki Shrine
Literally meaning “Great Eastern Temple”, Todaiji is one of Japan’s most historically famous landmarks. It received a lot of recognition and influence in the 800’s hosting one of Japan’s largest bronze Buddha statues in the world’s largest wooden building.
Founded by a Chinese priest, Toshodai-ji was a training facility for priests in order to improve Japanese Buddhism. His teachings played a big part in the growth of the religion in the 800’s.   
Founded by one of the initial promoters of the Buddhism religion, Horyu-ji Temple has maintained some of the world’s oldest wooden architecture designated as a World Heritage Site in 1993. 
Nara’s most celebrated shrine, Kasuga Taisha is located on the eastern side of Nara Park. This shrine was dedicated to the deity responsible for the protection of the city. 

Kasuga Taisha

The nature seen in Nara is absolutely flawless. Unscathed through time, Nara makes for a great getaway from its surrounding prefectures. Whether you are visiting for a day-trip or an extended period of time, Nara can make for quite the adventure. Head to Nara Park and witness a field full of hungry deer. You can buy food at the nearby food stands to feed them if you are so inclined. Behind Nara Park, you can get a great view of the city from Mount Wakakusayama leaving for quite the breathtaking experience.
Head south out of the main area of Nara Prefecture towards the Dorogawa Onsen Town and you can witness some gorgeous nature in the Torokyo Gorge, Sasano Falls, Mitarai Valley and Menfudo Limestone Cave.

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