Cup noodle museum - making our own chicken ramen experience

Decorated wrappers for the finished ramen

A very well organised kid friendly do it yourself experience at the Cup noodle museum in Yokohama, it is also English and Chinese friendly. Booking beforehand is required and can be done via their website:

Arriving at the museum:

Be sure to let the staff know when purchasing entrance tickets that you have booked for the Chicken Ramen factory class. If you still have time before the class, check out the museum and learn about the history of cup noodles first - it makes you appreciate the class later! If these classes are fully booked on the day you visit, you can still try the MY Cupnoodles Factory which allows you to create your own Cupnoodles package -> you design your own cup, choose your favourite soup flavour as well as 4 toppings -> then you move on to packaging it and storing it safely into your own balloon pouch. No booking is required for this.
We spent around 3 hours in the museum but could have easily spent more. They have their own cup noodle food court, arcade game centre and gift shop.

The class:

After washing our hands, we put our aprons and chicken headbands (bonus: you get to take home these cute chicken headpieces!) on and were given a quick intro by the instructor. There is an instructor for every 4 students and each of us was also given an instruction card in Japanese/English/Chinese.
All the ingredients were pre-measured for us and packed into individual plastic bags. We had to pour, mix and knead the ingredients into a dough, then roll and turn the dough into noodles (it took quite a bit of time and lots of muscle strength!)
PC290085.JPG 7.44 MB
Once the noodles were measured out, we handed them over to the instructors who helped prepare them for deep frying.
PC290113.JPG 7.18 MB

In the meantime, we went back to our workstations to decorate the wrapper.  Once the noodles were ready, we were called back out in groups for a quick taste test followed by packaging the noodles into our wrappers ready to take home.
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I highly recommend this to anyone who is planning to visit the cup noodle museum, hope you enjoyed :D!

Samantha Lam