A Must-Buy-Item to travel in Osaka! [Osaka Amazing Pass]

Here goes the must-buy-item to become a wise Osaka traveller - Osaka Amazing Pass!
You just need to pay one time to enjoy unlimited rides on tram and buses in Osaka. Moreover, you could easily check your bucket list up for FREE by just showing this Osaka Amazing Pass!

Two types of Osaka Amazing Passes are available - 1-Day Pass and 2-Day Pass -- Photo from www.osaka-info.jp

How much you need to pay: 

-          ¥2,500 for 1-day pass
-          ¥3,300 for 2-day pass

We went to purchase Osaka Amazing Pass in Tourist Information NAMBA. Their friendly staff basically can speak in Japanese, English and Mandarin. -- Photo by Rimo Lim

Where to buy the pass (accept both cash and credit card):

-          Tourist Information Osaka
-          Tourist Information NAMBA
-          Osaka Tourist Information Center Shinsaibashi
-          Osaka Tourist Information Center Kirindo Branch
-          Kyoto Tourist Information Center

Please take note on the eligibility of subway and tram to use Osaka Amazing Pass. -- Photo from www.osaka-info.jp

Which subway and new tram are available for use with Osaka Amazing Pass:

-          Midosuji Line
-          Chuo Line
-          Nagahori Tsurumi-Ryokuchi Line
-          Tanimachi Line
-          Sennichimae Line
-          Imazatosuji Line
-          Yotsubashi Line
-          Sakaisuji Line
-          Nanko Port Town Line (New Tram)
-          City bus
PS: If you are using 1-Day Pass, you can even take rides for the following private Railways (Not available for 2-Day Pass):
-          Hankyu Railway
-          Nankai Railway
-          Kinki Nippon Railway
-          Keihan Electric Railway
-          Hanshin Railway
By showing the Osaka Amazing Pass, you can visit up to 38 tourist attractions as listed below for FREE! Nevertheless, it is impossible to travel them all in just 2 days! Plan your route properly so that you can enjoy more with less time. 

The Osaka Amazing Pass allows free entrance to: 

-                      LEGOLAND Discovery Center Osaka (¥2,300) [Entry with only adults or only children is not allowed]*
-                      Cruise Ship Santa Maria Twilight Cruise (¥2,100)*
-                      Tomnori River JAZZ Boat (¥1,800)
-                      Osaka Suijyo Bus Aqua-Liner (¥1,700)
-                      Cruise Ship Santa Maria Day Cruise (¥1,600)
-                      Osaka-jo Gozabune Boat (¥1,500)
-                      Osaka Suijyo Bus Temmabashi Best View Cruise (¥1,500)
-                      Captain Line (¥1,300)
-                      Okawa River Sakura Cruise (¥1,200)
-                      Umeda Sky Building Floating Garden Observatory (¥1,000)*
-                      Japan Night Walk Tour (¥1,000)
-                      Tombori River Cruise (¥900)
-                      Nakanoshima River Cruise (¥900)
-                      Natural Hot Spring Naniwa no Yu (¥800)*
-                      Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel (¥800)
-                      Tsutenkaku Tower (¥700)
-                      Osaka Prefectural Government Sakishima Building Observatory (¥700)
-                      Important Cultural Property Osaka Castle Yagura (Turret) (¥700)
-                      Natural Ope-air Hot Spring Spa Suminoe (¥650)*
-                      Osaka Castle Museum (¥600)*
-                      Osaka Museum of Housing and Living (¥600)
-                      Osaka Museum of History (¥600)
-                      Umeda Joypolis Wild River (¥600)
-                      Osaka Tennoji Zoo (¥500)
-                      Dotombori ZAZA (¥500)
-                      Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum (¥500)
-                      HEP FIVE Ferris Wheel (¥500)
-                      The Museum of Oriental Ceramics, Osaka (¥500)
-                      Sakuya Konohana Kan (¥500)
-                      Osaka Science Museum (¥400)
-                      Shintennoji Temple (Chushingaran, Hombo Garden) (¥300)
-                      Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts (¥300)
-                      Osaka Museum of Natural History (¥300)
-                      Entrepreneurial Museum of Challenge and Innovation (¥300)
-                      Peace Osaka (Osaka International Peace Center) (¥250)
-                      Nagai Botanical Garden (¥200)
-                      Osaka Castle Nishinomaru Garden (¥200)
-                      Keitakuen Garden (¥150)
PS: The sequence from high to low market price may not be a reference of high to low priority to visit. Follow your heart and interest is the most important thing.
PSS:  Items with * are highly recommended  by my travel partner and I!
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