Nakano Broadway

The collectionist's paradise. Nakano Broadway is definitely that

More than the classic anime-related area, that you can easily find in Akibahara or Ikebukuro, this place is more dedicated to limited edition or special collection items. Even if you don't collect anything in particular, some items are so unique and special in a way, it is impossible to resist
To get there, just go to Nakano station and walk for a will find a big sign, impossible to get lost. You will first encounter a big alley with shops. Here there aren't many interesting shops, just the classic stuff/souvenirs and some places to eat. The interesting bit is in a building after this alley. Some people might find it a bit chaotic...and yes, it is. Many people, very noisy and the building itself is confusing. Old building with different levels, halls, not so big but a total maze
Don't think this place is only for otaku, anime/manga fans. There is something for everyone (even my parents had a good time looking at all the weird and antique articles). You can also find many vintage items. Seriously, my dad regretted giving away his toys from back in the days...because they were literally there, now costing a fortune!
You can obviously find tons of "gatcha" and claw machines, and other arcade games (including the old school types)
For me, my main interest where the hand painted vinyl figures, unfortunately everything is pretty expensive because of their uniqueness, but you can always dream . If you are looking for a classic manga or anime, it's probably just need the patient to look for it
Conclusion: great place for collectionist or anyone who would like to experience a little of nostalgia by remembering those old toys/games/animes from back in the days. Also for anyone who would like to experience some Japanese otaku culture
Not recommended for people who want a quiet and restful place to shop
Japan, 〒164-0001 Tōkyō-to, Nakano-ku, Nakano, 5 Chome−52−15,139.6636583,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x6018f296aa6fca29:0x85f4f07d2a22ff25!8m2!3d35.7093271!4d139.6656324
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