A Shrine hiding in Shibuya

One thing that a lot of people seem to forget is that as big as Tokyo is and as many things that you can find to do and explore that will show you the magic and uniqueness of Japan, Tokyo has been able to, somehow, keep the old and the new together. There are a lot of shrines, shrines that should be on your list of places to visit, but there are a lot of other smaller shrines that not everyone gives a second look, or considering visiting, but the truth is that a lot of these shrines are deserving of a visit, and some like Konno Hachiman-gu will give you a special look of how Tokyo balances the old with the new. 
Shibuya has a lot to offer and obviously anyone visiting for the first time will have to do a lot of walking and standing to get from point A to point B. If you're anything like we are, half way through the day you are going to be exhausted and nothing will be better than finding this little temple, hiding in between buildings and all the activity of Shibuya. Konno Hachiman-gu Shrine is a quiet little shrine in the middle of a suburban area. Step away from a few minutes from all the noise of Shibuya. Surprisingly enough the shrine is almost void of all noise from cars and people. If you want to know more about the shrine but don’t happen to speak Japanese, you can always look for the English speaking priest. Our chat with him was short, so we’re not sure exactly where he’s from, but stands out from the rest as he is not Japanese. 
Regardless of your reasons to visit Shibuya, this shrine should be on your list, take the time to visit and forget about the busy city just behind it. Also do not forget to support the temple buy buying any of the lucky charms (Omamori) and if you have a Goshuincho don't forget to get your stamp!

Address: 3 Chome-5-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo-to 150-0002, Japan

Leo G