MUST TRY!! 美登利寿司 Midori sushi - one of the best sushi stores for its price

Welcome back to another tip from "to be frankie".
Today we'll be talking about one of my all time favorite sushi chain stores in Japan, Midori Sushi (梅丘寿司の美登利) or you may have also seen Katsumidori(活美登利).
Midori Sushi at Ginza (photo credit: me)

First off the difference between 梅丘寿司の美登利 and 活美登利 is that the first one is an order based sushi place where as the latter is a conveyor belt sushi place or also known as gurugurusushi ぐるぐるすし.
I've been to both Katsumidori and umegaoka sushi no Midori. Let me tell you that they are quite different. Let's list down some of the characteristics that may set them apart. 
  1. Way of ordering food
  2. Seats
  3. Style
  4. Quality
Starting from #1, Katsumidori is basically the same as other conveyor belt sushi where you take the dishes that appeal to you. However at Umegaoka sushi no midori, you have to actually order your food. If you're thinking, "oh gosh, I don't speak any Japanese",  don't worry! They have a menu with English, Mandarin and Japanese on it.
Onto #2, this is pretty simple. For Katsumidori, you're seated around the conveyor belt. As for umegaoka sushi no midori, you are either seated at the sushi bar counter or you have your own tables.
#3, the style. The reason why I brought this up was because Katsumidori has a special type of ""event" where they ring a bell and ask if people are interested in ordering a limited daily sushi. Whereas I have never encountered this type of event at Umegaoka sushi no midori.
#4, both Katsumidori and umegaoka sushi no midori are very good but I think umegaoka sushi no midori is better.
Now you may ask why I say midori sushi is one of my favorites. The answer is..... Too many reasons. For the price tag, the sushi is just toooooo worth! The quality of the sushi is just amazing for its price. I mean I paid about 2800 yen for 14 huge pieces of sushi that are normally worth way more.
Special spring set (photo credit: me)

(I took this picture when I ate at the ginza store.)
Obviously not something I can afford everyday but man do I wish I could eat this everyday.
One last tip for everyone is..... Arrive early!!! I mean on a serious note, if you don't want to wait in a queue that may possibly take an hour or two, go early. I know you can make reservations online for the shibuya store, but I don't know if it works for other locations.
That's all for today folks!
If you have the time and haven't tried them out yet, you should definitely visit umegaoka sushi no midori!
Or if you're like me and just craving for sushi, this place definitely doesn't disappoint.
Until next time~
こぼれいくら、don't remember、こぼれうに (photo credit: me)

Frank C