Two Must-Go places in Hakone

Following my article about seeing Mt Fuji from the Hakone area, I thought I would detail a couple of the places I found extra special.

1. Okada Museum of Art.
 This was my reason for travelling to the area and I was not disappointed. It was quite truly one of the most impressive collections of Chinese, Korean and Japanese art I have seen. The museum is set over five levels, and contains stunning pottery and ceramics, paintings and bronze and lacquer works. I went specifically to visit an exhibition of Hiroshige's woodblock prints of the 53 stations of the Tokaido but, oh boy, was I impressed with the rest of the museum! On the third floor, the most incredible gold leaf painted screens are displayed. I walked around slack-jawed, not believing the beauty in front of me. I also award bonus points to the museum for the interactive screens providing information about some items in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, English and Japanese for kids. I had fun trying to understand the kids level Japanese and then checking on the English when I needed to. Also, for the foot onsen out the front which you can relax in free of charge after you have paid for entry to the museum.

Best access is by bus to the Kowakien bus stop. 
No photos are allowed in the museum, you must leave your bags etc in a locker in the foyer.
There is also an extensive garden around the gallery which you can wander through.
If you have a Hakone Free Pass for your travel, there is a discount on the museum entry.
More information is available here.
2.  Tenzan Onsen
Located a little out of the Main Hakone Yumoto area, it's best to grab a bus or taxi out here otherwise it's about a 30 minute walk. There were a range of beautiful baths here, both indoor and outdoor and I got to experience my first Yuzu bath. It smelled divine! My travel buddy also introduced me to the joys of the post onsen milk, you can usually get plain or coffee flavour but at Tenzan, there was also a fruity flavour. It was so good, my mouth is watering remembering it almost 2 months later!
Purchase a ticket from the machines inside the front gates. If you have a Hakone Free Pass, you purchase the discount entry and show your pass at the front desk.
Towels can be purchased from the front desk.
Unlike some onsen, Tenzan will generally admit individuals with tattoos but may not admit groups of people with tattoos.
You can find out more about Tenzan here.

All photos are my own.

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